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Rea & Associates, LLP
1937 Coffee Rd
Modesto, CA 95355
Telephone: (209) 521-2727
Fax: (209) 525-8919

Customer Comments

Scott Phippen, Bud Travaille, Dave Phippen of Travaille and Phippen, Inc.

Rea services: Tax planning/preparation, estate planning, business consulting/planning

Great business sense and organizational expertise

“Walter handles our taxpreparation and has been very helpful in organizing not just our company, but six companies now. Our legal adviser and Walter are the ‘go-to’ guys for us when making business decisions, tax planning, creating a succession plan for the next generation, etc. Walter does more than just plan our taxes. He’s flexible, offers ideas and helps us strategize the successful building of companies. Rea & Associates is very innovative in how they package our returns: they’re paperless. It isn’t a huge company, so they can meet you on a one-on-one basis and help you solve your challenges.”

– Dave Phippen, co-owner, Travaille and Phippen, Inc., Manteca, California

• Six-entity Travaille and Phippen grows, packs and ships California almonds – processing about 28 million pounds annually. Services include hulling, shelling and processing of brown skin almonds, and offering those options to local growers. The company also wholesales product overseas.<

Matel Realtors and Jamke Real Estate Holding Company

Rea services: Tax preparation/consulting

Competent, responsive and friendly

“Rea & Associates has handled our business tax matters for over 30 years. It’s an outstanding firm. We’ve been very, very satisfied, comfortable and happy with the company, staff and expertise. Everyone with whom I have worked – from partners to the receptionist – has been competent, responsive and friendly. We enjoy our relationship with Rea & Associates. No task is too big, no problem too small. The office staff is very knowledgeable, I get my answers very quickly and the knowledge base is solid. I would highly recommend their accounting services"

• John Myrtakis and Ken David Elving, who have both been involved in real estate since 1978, founded Matel Realtors, a general real estate brokerage, in 1985. Matel’s 20 employees serve clients in Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, Oakdale, Manteca, Riverbank, Ripon and Salida.

BNL Farms, LLC

Rea services: Personal/business payroll, business/trust tax returns, trust administration and general business consulting

You know the work is done right

“When our parents, Bea and Lloyd Fugett, passed away, my two sisters and I inherited not only the farm, but also Rea & Associates. The firm has been with our family for a long, long time. Walter is wonderful to work with. He’s professional, efficient, and knowledgeable about even the smallest details concerning payroll and tax returns. And he’s always available to answer questions - by phone, via email or in person. He is a dedicated professional and an expert in his field. The office staff is great, too; not only are they highly competent, but friendly as well. My dad had a habit of dropping by the office without an appointment, and the staff was always happy to assist him. I like the feeling of being a part of the family when I visit Rea & Associates. And I feel confident I will get my work done well and done right.”

– Carmel Underwood, manager/co-owner, BNL Farms, LLC, Modesto, California

• BNL Farms almond ranch grows, harvests and sells in-shell or raw meats to buyers, including contractors and a large cooperative. BNL Farms also owns a fruit stand, with the subtitle, “Le Tre Figlie,” which means “The Three Daughters.” In addition, Carmel’s daughter has worked with Rea & Associates, creating a three-generation business relationship.

Heidi’s Fresh ChristmasTrees

Rea services: Seasonal payroll

They treat you like family

“Rea and Associates handles everything to do with payroll for me, thank goodness! Everything else I do is in Oregon, but I have no time or inclination to do payroll. I found Rea & Associates through the internet. I think there was something on there about Rea & Associates being a friendly place and they really are. They’re really nice to work with. Everybody’s great! I depend on them to take care of things for me; they have the expertise. I’d certainly recommend them. They’re personal and friendly. They treat you like family, just like they say.”

– Heidi Dversdal, owner, Heidi’s Fresh Christmas Trees, Portland, Oregon

• Heidi’s Fresh Christmas Trees operates a tree lot near Dale and Pelandale in Modesto, California, from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas. The company offers the largest selection of Red Fir (silver tips) in the region, and stocks farm-fresh Noble, Nordman, Grand and Douglas Firs, wreaths, garland and more. Heidi hand-selects all Oregon trees for her Modesto outlet as well as the trees that ship directly from the Oregon farm via e-commerce.

Scott Reis of Scott’s Plant Service, Inc.

Rea services: Personal/business tax preparation, quarterly/annual government reporting and estate planning

Diligent staff is always improving

“I’ve worked with Walter for many years. He really likes plants. Since I maintain the plants for all the offices at Rea & Associates, I have a unique perspective. I’m there every week. I can see the personnel as they work, and it just seems like they’re very diligent and they get along really well together. They’re constantly going on seminars and improving and staying updated on what they’re doing. I would definitely recommend Rea & Associates to others. Walter gives a lot of personal attention and I’m assuming that’s the way he works with other clients. He and his staff are always available to answer any questions I have.”

– Scott Reis, owner/president, Scott’s Plant Service, Inc., Modesto, California

• Scott’s Plant Service sells and rents live interior foliage plants to offices and businesses. With rentals or purchases, the company installs, then maintains the plants on a weekly basis with an annual contract. Event rentals are also available. Scott’s Plant Service loans trees, bushes, hedges, flowering plants, etc. for weddings, parties and more in rooms, halls, patios and yards. Ask about “living walls.”

Lamoure’s Insurance Services

Rea services: Payroll, business/personal taxes and quarterly reports

Rea is on our team

“I recommend Rea & Associates because they do excellent work. They’re knowledgeable and know how to explain things in layman’s terms. They focus on your finances and give you great ideas on how to better run the business. It’s a relief to no longer have to do payroll. I know it’s done correctly and it’s an amazing weight off my shoulders. I’ve been with Rea & Associates for years. I like the consistency of the staff. They’re my ‘go-to’ people for any kind of business, personal or employee tax questions. I trust them and know they’re doing the right things. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. They’re part of our business team. They’re wonderful.”

- Lynn Lamoure, Lamoure’s Insurance Services, Modesto, California

• Lamoure’s Insurance Services offers competitive insurance rates with A+ carriers on auto, home, umbrella, business insurance and more. Lamoure’s has been in business since 1982, when the owners started the business in a spare bedroom of their home. The company now employs five busy staff members, who provide a family atmosphere and excellent service. Lynn and husband Bob’s son Michael recently joined Lamoure’s, thus welcoming a new generation.

Second from left, Kristine Milar of Plato’s Closet

Rea services: Bookkeeping, personal/business tax preparation, quarterly payroll and sales tax reports

Reliable and trustworthy

“Rea & Associates is reliable and very trustworthy. We’ve never, ever once in almost 10 years we’ve been with them, felt any worry about things not being handled correctly. That’s why, when we moved to Monterey about six years ago, we kept Walter as our accountant. That says something right there. We do things long distance. I’m very picky with my bookkeeping and the finances. I’m a pretty hard critic on that side of things, and I’m happy with them and feel very much at ease. It’s been a really good relationship. Walter knows his stuff. He’s kind of a perfectionist himself. He really knows what works and you really can’t get a better CPA than him. He’s really on it.”

- Kristine Milar, co-owner, Plato’s Closet, Monterey, California

• Plato’s Closet is a teen and young adult resale clothing franchise. It's not a consignment store. Instead, customers bring in clothes, accessories, shoes, purses, etc. and a buyer pays cash for it on the spot. Most people aren’t aware that store prices are 70 percent less than mall retail prices, and the store sells various levels of clothing, from basic through designer level.

Toni Conway of Valley Harvest Nut Company, Inc.

Rea services: Business/personal tax preparation and tax/estate/business planning

>They return calls!

“Walter is absolutely fantastic! He makes us feel like we’re his only customer and treats our returns as if they’re his own. We have full confidence in his ability to keep up with the current tax laws, and – within the limits of the law – keep our tax liability to a minimum. We’re delighted to do business with Rea & Associates, not only for our tax preparation, but also for pre-tax, estate and business succession planning. One thing that is most important to us is that they return phone calls! Walter and his staff have always responded promptly – either right then or within a day or so. In our opinion, a good accountant must possess two crucial factors: ability and availability. Rea & Associates offers both.”

- Toni Conway, co-owner, Valley Harvest Nut Company, Inc., Modesto, California

• In a nutshell, Valley Harvest Nut Company is an almond handler and processor that buys almonds from growers, prepares them for market, and markets them. Toni says there are approximately 100 almond handlers and processors in the San Joaquin Valley;and of those, Valley Harvestis one of about 10 that manufacture almonds: they slice, dice, sliver, season almonds, and make almond butter. Her company processes and manufactures roughly 4 million pounds of almonds annually, some of which are exported.

Adrian and Jeanette Alton of Arakelian Acres

Rea services: Personal/business taxes, partnership filing and quarterly reports

We feel well represented

“I’ve worked with Rea & Associates for many, many years, and over the past few years have worked most closely with Tim Taylor. He possesses knowledge, integrity and follow-through that you don’t often find in people. It’s wonderful when there’s really important stuff going on in your life and business that require the experience of an accountant, and when you call him, he gets right back to you. My husband and I are very pleased with how Tim handles our personal records. He’ll continue to do our personal taxes. It’s convenient for us. We feel well represented and don’t have to worry about anything. Walter and the staff are also very pleasant; they’re wonderful people. I can’t imagine using another accounting firm.”

- Jeanette Alton, former co-owner, Arakelian Acres, Modesto, California

• Arakelian Acres was an 80-acre peach farm that for the last few years was open land. Before retirement, Jeanette and her brother were general partners, and their respective children were limited partners. It is believed that the new owner has planted almonds.

Karey Stoecks of UPS Store #1506

Rea services: Bookkeeping, quarterly reports and personal/business taxes

Happy with the service

“Walter is the only accountant we’ve ever used, and he gets the job done. He’s very knowledgeable and personable. If you have something to address, he always makes time for you. He has our best interests at heart; he wants to make sure that we’re covered legally. The staff is always helpful and considerate, and they’re very good about getting back to us in a timely manner. They’re consistently professional, yet friendly at the same time. They’re very personable and are nice people. I would recommend Rea & Associates to others because we’ve been very happy with the service.”

- Karey Stoeck, owner, UPS Store #1506, Modesto, California

• Located at Oakdale and Orangeburg in the Century Center, UPS Store #1506 is a shipping and mailing center that also provides notary services and Livescan digital fingerprinting. The store also provides print services and secure mailboxes for customers. For sale are a wide selection of greeting cards, packaging/mailing and office supplies.

Medical practice

Rea services: Personal and business tax preparation, quarterly reports

We’re in good hands

“We’ve worked with a couple of other accountancies in the past, and we weren’t happy with them. Finally, with Rea & Associates, we’ve found a firm we can work with and trust. With Tim, we never have to worry about uncertainties. We are very comfortable with him and can talk to him anytime. When we ask questions, he is very prompt in responding, and we have so much confidence in his advice. We know we’re getting the right information. With Tim, we’re in good hands. Even though it’s only been a year since we started working with Rea & Associates, it seems like they know us. We receive really good customer service from Tim and the whole staff.”

- P. Bajwa, assistant, Medical practice, Modesto, California

Law enforcement

Rea services: Personal taxes via web

I trust Rea & Associates

“I’ve worked with Rea & Associates for about seven years now, working most closely with Tim. For the past three years, I’ve used their online service to do my taxes. I used to go in and provide information, but now I hold onto my receipts and numbers and enter them into their online worksheet. It’s so convenient because of my busy schedule and distance from their office. It’s all done online and via telephone, which makes things a lot simpler and quicker. That’s what I like most – and the fact that I trust Tim. I don’t go anywhere else because I trust Rea & Associates so much.”

– Craig, law enforcement, California